The love birds of Istanbul

What was special about this trip? (or simply, where to go in Istanbul?)

  • We’ve lived more of the city experience as we did book everything by ourselves; no travel agents, no tour guides! cool 🙂 We get lost in Istanbul and reached untrodden places — Thanks to Google Maps 🙂
  • For Princes’ Islands, we decided to go to Heybeliada -instead of Büyükada– as woods and natural life there is amazing! Cycling around the island was fun as well 🙂
  • Turkish Kanafeh was not delicious as Nabulsi one 😉 but it’s good to try!
  • Fishing over the bridge was a wow experience for first timer like us 🙂 (check the gallery)
  • Fish Sandwich was more than delicious, extra pepper and salad would make it yummy! (check the gallery hereunder)
  • Donor (Shawerma) and Turkish Kabap (or kabab) are highly recommended (check the restaurants we’ve tried on the Foursquare list)
  • Our favorite hot drinks were Sahlep and Gingerbread Latté(Starbuck winter’ special)

Where to go in Istanbul?





Strategist. Design Thinker. Business Model Innovator.

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Mohamad Khawaja

Mohamad Khawaja

Strategist. Design Thinker. Business Model Innovator.

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