How to transform legacy inefficient healthcare systems to achieve operational excellence

We all were shocked by the oxygen shortage disaster in the government-owned Salt hospital yesterday (source). Inefficiency and ignorance is causing death and tragedy this time and in the 2nd biggest hospital in Jordan — a country known for decades as a center of excellence when it comes to healthcare in the region.

Mexico, Nigeria and Egypt faced similar tragedies that are looking for effective solutions beyond resignations, investigations and pointing fingers.

Many people focus their argument on corruption and government inefficiency and I can’t agree more. But how…

If we look back at the entrepreneurial journey that Jordan has been through over the past two decades, we can easily conclude that there are a number of positive steps that were taken and has led Jordan to being a relatively good environment for setting up startups and enabling their growth. This is especially true in sectors such as IT and digitally transformed sectors, such as EdTech, digital health services, logistics and many more.

Despite of the economical hurdles in the region, a number of precedent actions have been implemented in Jordan to develop and cultivate the idea…

I was glad to present an online session focused on the Value Proposition Canvas which is a great tool to help innovators and entrepreneurs design compelling products and services that the customers will buy!

Thanks to the TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) in UAE for organizing these set of online sessions under their Hackathon program.

I was glad to present this online session targeting participants of

This session is focused on the business model canvas which is an innovative tool that describes what you plan to do and how you plan to do it in one comprehensive sheet.

This session is organized as part of a group of online activities organized by TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) Virtual Academy.

As fast-growing startups are always in hunt for a great talent -even if not officially recruiting at that moment, I was analyzing what type of employees I need at each stage and what characteristics to focus on to prepare it for the next stage. One type I was very sure that I need at any moment at the startup life cycle and I won’t regret it what so ever is: entrepreneurial employees! YES 🙂

Many CEOs avoid this type of recruits as they seemed to be hard to manage! but for me, I love this type of employees for many…

Originally posted on my blog on Sep 12, 2014

Many apple fans may argue that Apple’s primary success is centered around innovating new products, other may label Apple as a key innovator in value proposition: The product as an experience — taking the Digital Crown of Apple Watch as a case, but for me, Apple’s primary innovation has always been in creating new and viable business models — better ways to create, deliver and capture value!

For example, we would never expect the same impact if the iPhone or iPad were not associated with the App store and the ecosystem…

Originally posted on my blog on Nov 18, 2013

Telecom operators “Telcos” are facing fierce attack from OTT players. They assumed that ignoring them would solve the problem, but it’s getting more complicated!

Webit Congress: Telco’s as an active OTT Player from Mohd Khawaja

These slides include a formula for Telco’s on how they can play the OTT game actively and what to expect at the end of the game.

I’ve presented those slides in two events: Middle East Com and Webit Congress.

Originally published on my previous blog on Nov 21, 2013.

We have spent a great weekend in Istanbul this November 🙂 Istanbul (and Turkey at large) has always been a very special destination for us since our honeymoon in 2006. But…,

What was special about this trip? (or simply, where to go in Istanbul?)

  • We’ve lived more of the city experience as we did book everything by ourselves; no travel agents, no tour guides! cool 🙂 We get lost in Istanbul and reached untrodden places — Thanks to Google Maps 🙂
  • For Princes’ Islands, we decided to go to Heybeliada -instead of Büyükada– as woods and natural life there is amazing! …

Diaspora-driven Entrepreneurship has been a goal of strategists in each and every country all over the World. How it can be an achievable goal in the MENA region? Your feedback is appreciated on this article published in Venture Magazine.

Building Bridges

The conclusion of the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship last April ignited a handful of new initiatives in the region aiming to support local entrepreneurs and develop a comprehensive innovation eco-system. Unfortunately, very few of these initiatives were focusing on reconnecting with the Arab diaspora in the US. Such a move has been challenging, despite the fact that it could provide a…

Media gurus, government officials and promising entrepreneurs were gathering last Wednesday at the Milan Chamber of Commerce to discuss the future of media and mechanisms to better support technopreneurs (technology entrepreneurs). The event was organized by PROMOS in cooperation with Creative Commons, “Meet The Media Guru” and the local government of Lombardy.

Over the full-day event, I was glad to speak at the same panel with peers from the Arab World: Abdullatif Al Sayegh -the CEO of Arab Media Group one of the powerful player in the scene of Arab media, and Mohammad Abdullah -the Executive Director of Dubai Media…

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